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The Développement (DEV) Vaudreuil-Soulanges team contributes to regional vitality and helps create a climate conducive to economic development. Our knowledge of the economic sectors and territories, as well as our familiarity with stakeholders in the private and public sectors, enables us to support municipal initiatives and meet the regional objectives of the MRC. The assistance offered consists of technical support before and during project development. Through our collaboration with the municipalities, we help foster economic exchanges and build business-friendly environments and communities.

Local and regional knowledge

We constantly update our strategic data and knowledge related to the territory of each municipality and the MRC’s economic sectors. This local and regional knowledge enables the team to contribute to economic development and regional promotion by providing support at several levels:

  • Local and regional planning
  • Establishment, diversification and development of companies
  • Municipal and regional initiatives
  • Collective projects
DEV Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Commercial zone analysis

We assist municipalities and investors by helping them identify and implement commercial development strategies. By analyzing the composition of a commercial zone, we guide municipalities in their development planning for such zones.

  • Updating of the list of businesses and services
  • Current portrait of companies
  • Characterization of occupied and vacant commercial spaces
  • Analysis of the composition of the commercial offering
  • Evaluation of commercial diversity
  • Evaluation of merchants’ needs
  • Creation of an economic development tool for a revitalization project

Industrial park/zone analysis

DEV conducts exhaustive data gathering on all the industrial spaces in Vaudreuil-Soulanges. This enables us to provide guidance to municipalities in determining types of use, supporting companies that want to expand their operations, and attracting new companies.

  • Identification of all industrial parks and zones in the MRC (location, spatial analysis, surface area, availability of municipal services, etc.)
  • Lot characterization (sizes of lots available, identification of lots that are under-used or have development constraints, building quality, number and types of occupants, number and types of jobs, etc.)
  • Drafting of a proposal for how each space should be developed over the coming years
  • Production of maps of all industrial parks (geolocation of information and data gathered)

Sponsors for municipalities

The DEV team is at the disposal of the municipalities and strives to consolidate its relations with them. We’ve established a special communications channel by assigning a specific team member to be the sponsor of each municipality. This makes it easier for the municipality to express its vision for the development of its territory and to understand what support DEV can offer; as well, it can receive technical assistance more rapidly (referrals, data, strategic information, etc.).

Municipalities can meet their sponsor by contacting the DEV team.

DEV Vaudreuil-Soulanges