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DEV’s Business Services (SAE) relies on collaboration by leveraging the expertise of its support team. It values innovative, committed and human working methods that help companies propel themselves and integrate an ecosystem.

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Becoming an entrepreneur: Do you have the profile?

Why do you want to become an entrepreneur? What are your aspirations to become your own boss? Do you have the profile to become a successful entrepreneur?

When you think about starting your business, you surely have stars in your eyes, a passion that drives you and challenges to overcome. Above all, you must make sure you are THE right person in order to be able to manage your project and thus achieve success.

Here are 2 quick tests that you can do to start thinking about your personal and professional ambitions and whether you have an entrepreneurial profile.

  1. Ai-je le profil entrepreneurial d’Emploi Québec (in French only)
  2. Entrepreneurial potential self-assessment

What are your options?

Starting a new business or buying out an existing one?

When we think of starting a business, the first option that comes to mind is to start from scratch, from your idea, to make your business plan and find your financing. Have you also thought that you could start a business by acquiring an existing business?

According to a recent study by the Centre de transfert d’entreprises du Québec (CTEQ), they estimate that “15,000 businesses in Quebec will be ready to be sold over the next year. The entrepreneurial system is becoming a strategic priority for Quebec.” See full coverage (in French) on takeover prospects.

The acquisition of a company therefore becomes an interesting alternative. In addition to acquiring a business model that has already proven its worth, you could more quickly take advantage of contacts, suppliers, customers, employees and subcontractors already in contact.

The Centre de transfert d’entreprises du Québec (CTEQ) offers adapted services for transferors and buyers, gives you access to an index of businesses for sale that are looking for succession, puts you in contact with experts and offers you the proper training. Consult the CTEQ website (in French) for more details and this interesting article on the subject.

The Business Plan

The most effective tool for starting your business is undoubtedly your business plan.

Why make a business plan?

  • To validate the presence of a real need for your product or service based on the industry, the target market and the competition.
  • Plan your operations: location, production, sales and distribution, human resources, marketing, etc.
  • Calculate the human, material and financial resources necessary to carry out your project.
  • Obtain financing.
  • Creating a good business plan gives you the best tool to understand, analyze and manage the risks that you will inevitably face as an entrepreneur!

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Business financing

One of the crucial steps not to be overlooked when starting out is without a doubt the search for your financing. Do you have the necessary down payment to start our business?

Watch our Capsule #2 (in French) on business financing to demystify the process and give you some avenues to explore.

Do you lose your Latin when people talk to you about financial terms? Learn more with the Business Development Bank of Canada’s glossary of over 300 terms. You will then be ready to meet your banker and be able to talk business!

Legal aspects

Legal planning, business forms, tax registration and other legal aspects are among the questions most often asked by entrepreneurs.

Check out our Guide to Legal Forms and Taxes (in French) to get a better idea of your options.

Our Capsule #3 (in French) explains everything you need to know!

Need more information?

Please refer to the Documentation section where you will find additional information and a many useful links.

We invite you to take advantage of these tools made available to you in order for you to develop your ideas and your business strategy.

Our partnership with the École des entrepreneurs du Québec, Montérégie campus (ÉEQ) (in French) allows you to access a quality training course at a reduced cost that you can do remotely at the right time for you.

The choice of video clips was made to allow you to fully understand the methodology and expectations for writing your business plan. In addition, you will find relevant information, among other things, on market research, the implementation of your marketing strategy, your operations plan and your financial planning.

For only $50, you will have access to 5 training modules, plus a bonus:

  • Module 1 – The entrepreneur and his project (165 minutes)
  • Module 2 – Market Analysis (69 minutes)
  • Module 3 – Marketing Strategy (288 minutes)
  • Module 4 – Plan of Operations (76 minutes)
  • Module 5 – Financial Plan (141 minutes)
  • BONUS (115 mins)

For more information, see the detailed course (in French).

We therefore invite you to take advantage of these tools made available to you, for a period of 12 months to develop your ideas and your strategy. DEV’s team of professionals remains at your disposal for free consulting service meetings.

Steps to get your course:

  • Purchase of your subscription to the course at DEV (in French);
  • Creation of your account on the ÉEQ website (in French). Your course will be activated within 48 hours of purchase and you will then be able to access the training modules especially selected for you!

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